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Signature Treatments

Each Ajala Spa Signature treatment is administered using a blend of botanical aromatherapy oils, chakra-balancing crystals and hot/cold basalt volcanic stones.

Therapeutic heat aids detoxification of the body, warms tired limbs, relaxes the nervous system and enables treatments to deeply penetrate muscles. Select one of Ajala Spa’s pure essential oil blends – Energy, Relax or Indulge – to perfectly complement your experience.

Aroma Facial

This aromatic face treat combines the nourishing properties of natural tamanu, almond, soya bean & vitamin E oils with detoxifying manual lymph drainage techniques – perfect for bringing life back to tired skin.

Price from £40.00

Sole Re-Energiser Massage

This deeply relaxing treatment begins with the feet being bathed in warm water and thoroughly exfoliated. Therapeutic Ajala Spa oils are then used to massage key stimulus points on the feet and ankles to increase energy levels and encourage the flow of blood around the body.

Price from £45.00

Olive, Peach-Stone & Kukui Oil Exfoliation

Brush away dead cells and regenerate skin with this refreshing blend. Naturally exfoliating olive and peach-stone grist removes dead cells while nourishing almond and kukui oil combine to leave skin supple, radiant and smooth.

Price from £30.00

Deep Cleanse Chakra-Balancing Facial

Bring tired skin back to life with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a chakra-balancing marma point facial massage to restore natural radiance and glow.

Price from £75.00

Ajala Spa Signature Massage

This indulgent body massage begins with an Olive, Peach-Stone and Kukui oil exfoliation, followed by a chakra-balancing hot stone massage to unwind and detox.

Price from £140.00

Face & Body Aroma Ritual

This indulgent face and body ritual begins with aura cleansing, followed by argan oil & rice grain exfoliation, a hot stone body massage and chakra-balancing facial to smooth, soothe and re-align.

Price from £185.00

Soothing Head Massage

Recommended for those short of time or suffering from Jet Lag. Deep pressure is applied to neck, shoulders and scalp.

Price from £45.00