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Green Credentials

Eco Friendly hotels in central London

Grange Hotels has for a long time believed that businesses are responsible for the health of the environments in which we do business. To this end we place great emphasis on developing strong environmental practices and operating all parts of our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

We are strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all the communities where we operate. Continually reviewing and improving our environmental performance is key within our strategic development. We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways in which to meet our high environmentally-friendly targets.

 We aim to achieve this by doing the following:

  • Minimise consumption of natural resources through the use of modern technologies to reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources (this includes the use of solar panels, bore holes, ‘green roofs’, HVAC systems, and Combined Heat and Power Systems).
  • Waste reduction through the encouraging of re-use and recycling as well as the limiting of environmentally hazardous materials where alternatives are economically suitable.
  • The incorporation of environmental considerations into procurement decisions to drive our collective impact on the environment.
  • We encourage all our staff and customers to do all they can to help reduce environmental impact of modern business, including showing how to use environmentally sensitive transport methods where possible.

We regularly review our environmental policies and continually evolve them to make sure we are doing our best not just to lower our impact on the environments in which we work but also to enlighten others within our industry in the ways we can all reduce businesses impact on the environment wherever we happen to be.

For more information please download our full Environmental Policy Statement here.