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Our Approach To Business

As a group we are committed to a policy of equal opportunities and fairness within the workplace.  We are proud of and value the diversity of our colleagues, customers, stakeholders, and those living within our local communities.

Grange Hotels have procedures in place whereby employees and others can raise their views or concerns freely and without fear.  We strive to engage our employees in all major changes and issues that will affect both the working environment and the company itself.

Moreover we place great importance on providing a safe and secure working environment where the health and welfare of our staff is of paramount importance.  Further to this position we recognise the importance and benefit to the company in the continuing development of our staff to which end we do our best to provide all staff with support, training and the opportunities to grow within their potential.  We look for those that achieve the best they can through appraisals based not just on results but how those results were achieved and will reward all who strive to excel and exceed in their roles.

We are proud of the wide range of backgrounds from which we recruit and embrace those talented individuals who bring their own areas of experience and help to build and develop our areas of business.

We also look to purchase goods, services, and develop facilities which reflect our policies on equality and diversity.  We apply our policies across the board and ensure that suppliers from diverse communities have equal opportunity in tendering for contracts.  We expect our suppliers in turn to comply with and support our efforts to spread good practice in diversity and equal opportunities.