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Grange Hotels: The Unsung Heroes of LFW 2017

14 September 2017


London Fashion Week is back for Friday 15th September to Tuesday 19th September! Hosting 90 varying shows and presentations, the week will showcase an eclectic array of Spring/Summer 2018 designs on the runway.

With highlights including Tommy Hilfiger’s latest Gigi Hadid collaboration and Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani collection, you can be sure all eyes will be firmly on the catwalk.

However, it doesn’t end there - the LFW Festival takes place from the 21st to the 24th September at The Store Studios, 180 The Strand. It offers up the opportunity for fashion lovers to marvel at and shop designer collections, as well as take the FROW at catwalk shows.

In the spirit of fashion week, we wanted to celebrate those not on the catwalk - the passionate people behind the scenes. Without them, it simply wouldn’t be the spectacular event we’ve come to know and love. Think material and accessory suppliers, those who undertake the intricate alterations, and of course, the passionate designers suiting and booting the investors. 

Grange Insight - LFW Behind the Scenes  

Faye - Stitch In Time - Alteration Company 


Stitch in time is an alteration company run by Faye in Essex. Whilst not based in London, Faye and her team of experts spend time altering and carefully hand sewing designers’ prize collection pieces. As you would expect, she is currently organising stock for London Fashion Week.

Although much of her work includes bridal and general alterations, Faye is also a fantastic designer too, upcycling and creating unique accessories and clothing for her customers.

Having started as a family run business of which Faye took over in 2006, the business is going from strength to strength - a fitting legacy to her Grandmother who started the business way back when.

Whilst the alteration makers of London Fashion Week and other high fashion events rarely get a mention, people like Faye are an integral part of catwalk shows. After all, an ill-fitting garment on a model will never do a design true justice. 

Walter Reginald - Leather Traders 


With 70 years’ trading history, Walter Reginald is one of the market leaders when it comes to trading finished leather materials. Developing innovative seasonal leathers, London fashion designers contact Walter Reginald for trusted leather products for their collections.

Walter Reginald’s top quality fashion leathers are available in a wide mixture of colours, effects and prints. The company is passionate about creating and developing new fashion trends by keeping in close contact with the leading designers and retail chains. 

As a reliable source of catwalk show leather materials, Walter Reginald has been extremely busy supplying their luxurious materials for London Fashion Week. Without them, designers’ creations simply would not be the trendsetting pieces envisaged for the runway - they are, as you would imagine, one of London Fashion Week’s key necessities.  

Sarah Barlow - Handmade Leather Bags Designer

"For me, it's a labour of love. When I'm not making, it doesn't feel right."

Sarah Barlow is a fashion accessories designer from Leigh-on-sea. Completely self-taught, Sarah has always had a love of craft and making her own clothes. For instance, when her husband bought a coffee shop, he needed a practical apron with pockets to keep change in - so naturally, Sarah was able to help!

However, when it came to finding herself the perfect bag, Sarah wasn’t happy with what she found in the shops. So, she decided there was only one way she would be completely satisfied. She crafted a bespoke piece herself, which customers enquired about - time after time.  She was commissioned to create another piece for a customer who wanted a clutch bag for a big event - and from then onwards, Weald was born!  

Sarah began making her leather bags and purses from her home attic studio, where she continues to make them today. Every single one of her bags are handmade from the highest quality Italian leather. Sarah has sold thousands of her bags and values sustainability and ‘slow-fashion’. In other words, her accessories are a stark contrast next to today’s disposable, mass produced items.

London Fashion Week wouldn’t be what it is today without the passion and work of up and coming designers like Sarah - they are at the heart of what London Fashion Week is all about.  With their drive to pursue their dreams and passions, they have the ability to set new trends and put fresh new ideas out there.

Attending LFW Festival?

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