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Grange Hotels Circumnavigates the Globe

05 August 2014


Partnerships are at the heart of Grange Hotels. We understand there is power in strategic alliances and co-branding, reaching new audiences, inspiring collaborative thinking and increasing overall sales. Not many new international visitors may find Grange Hotels on the world hotel map as we are not a global brand. However, the GREAT Britain partnership was highly effective in showcasing Grange Hotels in key, global markets. We have a long-standing commitment to London’s Arts, Cultural and Sporting scenes; this partnership allowed us to continue our support for major international sporting events.

The GREAT Britain campaign showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer encouraging the world to visit, study and do business with the UK through an ambitious international marketing campaign. London is obviously at the forefront and we, being a London-centric group, saw this as a unique opportunity to be part of history in the first ever Clipper Race Start from the capital. Having our logo placed next to established British brands such as Land Rover and Henri Lloyd ensured visibility on the world’s stage.

Why choose to sponsor the Jamaica to New York leg of the race? Tony Matharu, Managing Director, stated “Grange Hotels enjoys a progressive business relationship with global companies and their agents in the US; in particular inbound travel from New York. Welcoming the winning boats into New York is an extension of our usual London hospitality, to our neighbour.” Having a British brand, albeit not the GREAT Britain yacht, lift the Grange Hotels trophy was the crowning glory in demonstrating the success of all things British. GREAT Britain’s achievements throughout were impressive and it is fitting that they were the most decorated boat in the race, coming home second overall.

We were never far away from the action and showing our support from afar by reading Simon Talbot’s, the GREAT Britain skipper’s, blog with awe. From early entry, charting a nervous crew not knowing what lay ahead to navigating waters unpredictably ruled by mother nature, the epic journey was tense but inspirational reading. ‘If there is one word to sum up today, it has to be squall! We must have had our sails up and down at least twenty times, chopping and changing to match the fickle winds that have been coming and going with the seemingly endless chain of squalls.’ – Race 2, Day 13. The highs and lows of the journey proved what an incredible and motivated crew the GREAT Britain yacht had aboard. And our logo, on the side of the yacht, saw many an adventure, ‘wind holes’, storms, freezing waters and beautiful blue seas.

Finally, on 12th July at 12.45pm, the twelve teams sailed past Tower Bridge for a spectacular finish to the 2013-14 edition of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Thousands of spectators lined the River Thames, eager to catch a glimpse of the inspirational crew – 670 of them from more than 40 nations - who returned to London, 11 months after setting off on the 40,000-mile challenge, racing between 6 continents. It was an honour for Grange Hotels to be part of this life-changing odyssey and an honour for London to mark the beginning and end of this feat of human endeavour.

" Stepping onboard the Clipper 70 to smiling faces of the crew and Simon Talbot, skipper of GREAT Britain yacht that circumnavigated the globe over the past 11 months, there was little evidence of the yacht battling a typhoon, numerous days sailing at 45 degree angles and loosing hours in the doldrums! It was evident that Simon and his team truly got to understand the yacht’s strengths in pre race preparation and were confident to push themselves and gain more line honours than any other team. She finished second, overall an amazing achievement with novice crew, now professional!

Team Grange's hospitality onboard at race start and race finish was truly welcomed by me and the other lucky guests who were able to get onboard. The champagne flowed, the canapés were enjoyed, the stories breath-taking and the London weather glorious. The excitement combined with the support of Grange Hotels during the homecoming welcome, made it a truly memorable event."

Sue Bannister, Founder of Cracking Events and lifelong competitive international day sailor. Sue was inspirited by the tales on board, and is now doing her first channel crossing in a few weeks time.


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