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Grange Hotels and Aveqia partner with ABBA for their 40th International

01 May 2014

Swedish pop group ABBA celebrated 40 years of their hit song “Waterloo” with a party at London's Tate Modern museum, with partners Grange Hotels and Swedish caterers Aveqia.

Grange St Paul’s Hotel hosted band member Björn Ulvaeus and the newly-formed ABBA choir, flown in for one night by the ABBA museum for the anniversary party, which celebrated the group’s performance at Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton in 1974. Aveqia, the only active Swedish gastronomy venue in London, provided the traditional Scandinavian meal Smörgåsbord, enjoyed by everyone including ABBA themselves at the party.

The choir sang all ABBA’s main hits in front of 1,500 guests at the Tate Modern and then back at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel, broke into a unique impromptu performance, delighting guests in the hotel’s atrium.


Claire Farrington, Partnerships Manager for Grange Hotels, said: “We were honoured to have worked on this one-off event and were delighted to see Björn and Frida walk through our doors.  To have two living legends in our Sky Bar discussing their 40-year history was extremely exciting.  After the party, many guests came back to the hotel.  The choir broke into song and our atrium was filled with the harmonies we all know and love.  It was a one-off treat to hear the songs with multitudinous voices – once sung by 4 famous people, now a group of talented choristers.”

Mikael Björkqvist, chef and sommelier at Aveqia, said: “When we were approached to provide the food for the party, we were of course extremely honoured and excited! We decided to present a modern twist of the world-famous (possibly not quite as famous as ABBA) Smörgåsbord.”

He added: “At Aveqia our award-winning chefs, under the leadership of legendary chef Roland Persson, skillfully prepared all the dishes from scratch. As always, we used only the finest ingredients, sourced locally where possible or imported from Sweden in the case of speciality dishes from the Swedish sea, lakes and forests."

Grange Hotels were proud to partner with Max Strom, publishers of the Authorized Official photo book on ABBA.

Jeppe Wikstrom, the publisher and driving force behind ABBA the Official Photo Book, said: "The Grange St Paul's Hotel was not only the home away from home for our VIP guests but it also served a center point for all the interviews with the two ABBA members. We couldn't have been more happy with the choice of hotel."