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Best Fireworks London

The Best Places To See Fireworks on Bonfire Night in London

24 October 2017


Bonfire night 2017 is just around the corner! But why stay at home and watch from the window when you could be out experiencing the buzzing atmosphere for yourself?

There’s nowhere better to spend fireworks night than in the Capital itself. As you would expect, there’s a huge array of fireworks displays happening across London - so which is the best to attend?  Take a look at our rundown below of the best places to see fireworks in London this year! 

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Fireworks Late - Severndroog Castle

Saturday 4th November

If you’d rather experience a fireworks display somewhere other than a field crowded with people, then ‘Fireworks Late at Severndroog Castle’ is the ideal London event! Experience the 18th century building light up with colour as fireworks explode all round, glittering down from the sky. You can watch the fireworks take to the skies from the castle’s special viewing platform, delicious cocktail in hand.

Nearest Grange Hotel:  Grange Tower Bridge - 30 minute taxi ride


Battersea Park Fireworks

Saturday 4th November

Theme: Power

If you’re looking for an energetic atmosphere with 50,000+ people to get into the fireworks spirit, Battersea Park Fireworks display is the perfect event! Run by pro pyro-technicians Jubilee Fireworks, the Battersea Park Fireworks’ bonfire is lit at 7.30pm with fireworks starting at 8pm. Set to music to the theme of ‘Power’, the annual display will not disappoint and is seen for miles all around! There’ll be plenty of food and drink to share on the night to warm you up as well.

Nearest Grange Hotel: Grange Rochester & Grange Strathmore - 10 minute taxi ride


Alexandra Palace

Friday 3rd November & Saturday 4th November

This year’s firework festival at Alexandra Palace is fun for the whole family! As well as the anticipated stunning fireworks display bursting across the London backdrop, there’s live music and fairground rides in the family area for kids and adults alike! With a huge assortment of mouth-watering street food, craft beer and mulled wine you’re sure to be fuelled for the whole night. To make the trip even more special you can purchase additional tickets for access to the ice rink and German Bier Festival - you’ll never get bored!

Nearest Grange Hotel: Grange Fitzrovia -30 minute taxi ride


Lambeth Fireworks

Saturday 4th November

Theme: A Night At The movies

If you’re looking for a London fireworks display that differs from the norm, Lambeth fireworks at Brockwell Park is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Hosting a 20 minute event themed to ‘A Night at the Movies’, there will be a laser show, quotes and soundtracks from classic blockbuster movies accompanying the fireworks throughout the evening. See how many you recognise!

Nearest Grange Hotel: Grange Rochester - 20 minute taxi ride, 30 minute tube ride. 


Wimbledon Park

Saturday 4h November & Sunday 5th November

Theme: Disney

One of the most popular fireworks events in London, Wimbledon Park’s two vibrant displays make for a truly magical evening! The first of the displays kicks off at 6.45pm, with fireworks soaring and dancing to a Disney soundtrack - perfect for kids! The second of the displays is yet another musical masterpiece, this time playing festival headliners for the adult attendees. Overall, it’s set to be a fantastic evening for family and friends with an onsite fun fair and refreshments.  

Nearest Grange Hotel: Grange Strathmore, 30 minute tube ride