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Ksenia Burnasheva Artist in Residence @Grange Hotels

11 December 3013

Grange Hotels is proud to have been working with and supporting the arts consistently for many years now. 2014 sees a very exciting project at Grange Hotels in the form of our Artist in Residence – Ksenia Burnasheva.

Ksenia Burnasheva from Ufa, Russia, recently graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins with a Masters in Fine Art Photography will be spending a year with Grange Hotels capturing stills artistically composed through her lens.

About Ksenia Burnasheva

Born and raised in the industrial city of Ufa, in the middle of the European part of Russia, Ksenia moved to Cambridge, England six years ago to pursue foundation level art at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Art.

After completion she moved to London and began her bachelor’s degree in photography at the Camberwell College of Arts. In 2011, after she graduating from Camberwell, Ksenia began working towards her masters in fine art photography at Central Saint Martins.

Her work
Regarding her work, Ksenia states: “My initial approach tends to be both playful and intuitive. I construct the scenes in front of the camera by combining different mediums, usually a mix of both sculpture and site-specific art. My research is based on the visual perception of the juxtaposition of objects within a preselected space. By placing a man-made or ‘foreign’ object into day-to-day scenarios I attempt to re-contextualise that environment so as to expand the viewers perception of the existing reality. From start to finish my work is constantly evolving; what may have began as a simple idea, turns into a late night endeavour where I attempt to suspend a giant sculpture in mid-air, battling against both gravity and gale force winds.

Of the tools of her trade, Ksenia recently stated “I tend to use a medium format camera as it slows down the process of photographing and evolves more into a meditative state of observing and harmonising with the subject in front of the lens.”

Current Project

“The Details of this Reality and that, the other one” is a playful experiment with the idea of the existence of Multiple Realities. It is a hypothetical research into the theory of infinite or finite possible universes and realities. Throughout the history a lot of disciplines such as cosmology, physics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, fiction and science fiction have been trying to hypothesize the notion of multiple realities.

In my ongoing series of work I attempt to visually present the idea of the two different realities colliding together - I photograph that moment. Through the use of sculpture I’m creating new visual connections between the mundane scenes, day-to-day objects and the ‘foreign, alien’ ones that are created specifically for the sets. These objects are being destroyed later, so the photograph becomes the only precious evidence of that new reality existing.

Curated Shows

March 2013

Ellipsis Show – collaboration with Sian Bonnell, Level 3 Gallery

March 2011

The Uncommon Lives of Common Objects’, Camberwell Space Exhibitions

November - December 2013

Zealous, OXO Tower, London

May 2013

8 x 8 PHOTO PARTY, Silver Eye Centre for Photography, Pittsburgh

May 2013

'MA Final Show', KX STREET Gallery, King's Cross, London

March 2013

‘Oblivion’ – converted warehouse, 17-20 Parr Street, Shoreditch, London

February 2013

‘Elipsis’ Collaborative project with Sian Bonnell, Armenoi Kasparian Saraidari, Fedor Tochev and Anne Mortensen, Level 3 Gallery, Granary Building, King’s Cross, London

June 2012

‘MA Interim Show’, group show at Byam Shaw School of Art

June 2011

‘Cut’, Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London: group exhibition

April 2011

‘Homeless Gallery’ group exhibition curated by Deconstruction Project, London

March 2011

‘The Uncommon Lives of common objects’, Camberwell space: four artists show, London

Artist in Residence 2014, University of the Arts London - Grange Hotels