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Running and biking when holidaying in London

Running and biking in London has never been so easy with these 3 routes to help you keep up the pace. A widely acknowledged Latin aphorism reads: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, “A sound mind in a sound body”.

Now more than ever, running and biking are very common as a healthy way for people to escape the stress of daily life, and keep the body in good shape.

Aren’t holidays a synonym for the relaxation of the mind and body? So why not combine the two? Whether you are just a newbie at running or biking, or you have already left miles and miles behind you, there are always good reasons to keep in shape during your next London holiday.

Feel better in yourself, don’t lose your training regime, clear your mind, and discover London’s most beautiful scenery!

Grange luxury hotels are dotted all over London, being the perfect starting point for your fitness craving. Here are three routes that will astound you, step by step or pedal by pedal.

  • Tower Bridge to Waterloo: The south bank of the Thames provides a long stretch of firm ground to run or bike on, accompanied by the river’s flow. Discover historical Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and Shakespeare’s Globe. The Grange St. Paul’s, Grange City, and Grange Tower Bridge are a stone's throw away from these iconic bridges.
  • Hyde Park: Take a 10 minute stroll from The Grange Langham Court Hotel to warm up on your way to London’s most famous park. Put on your running shoes or jump on your saddle and discover the Italian gardens, indulge along the Serpentine Lake, and then linger at Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain for some deserved rest.
  • Monumental Icons: If you enjoy urban tracks, London can pair that with staggering views of world-wide famous monuments. Start at the wonderful St. Paul’s Cathedral and run down the north bank of the river towards St. James's Park to enjoy sights of Westminster Abbey and Palace, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, just across the park. Grange St. Paul’s, Grange Rochester, and Grange Wellington await you at both ends of this route.