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The Westminster Abbey

20 Dean’s Yard, London, SW1P 3PA. Tel : +44 (0)207 222 5152

Edward the confessor started building a church for the Benedictine monks in 1045, which went on until 1065. It is said there was another church before it and it was replaced with this, which took the Norman form of Romanesque.

Between 1245 and 1272 Henry III started taking apart the Norman church to rebuild it in the style we see it today. Some parts were completed during Henry III's time and the remaining sections produced a fusion between the Norman form and the Gothic form. The remaining sections were built after long intervals with the final section being the top parts of the western tower and the year was 1745. So The Westminster Abbey was completed.

The abbey is also famous for the eminent figures that have been buried here and the coronations of many kings and queens of which William "the conqueror" was the first and the year was 1066. Tours are available and they last about 90 minutes, which can be very helpfu

The significance of Westminster Abbey apart from its worth architecturally as a Gothic Abbey is that nearly every figure in English history has left their mark on it, (many rulers being buried here) and its role right up today for hosting coronations and such like.

Built in the early 16th century, shrines go back to the 12th century. As well as monuments to Kings, Queens and such like there also monuments to figures like Shakespeare, Dickens and Dylan Thomas as well as men of science, (Disraeli, Newton & Darwin) and politics.