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The Science Museum

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD. Tel : +44 (0)870 870 4868

Home to one of the world's most magnificent collections of science, industry, technology and medicine, the Science Museum is one of London's most hands-on and interactive museums. Funded by the profits of the Great Exhibition of 1851, it started life in the 19th century as part of Prince Albert's grand scheme to promote industrial technology.

Today, it occupies a purpose-built gallery and contains some 300,000 objects, covering the entire history of Western science, technology and medicine. Visitors are invited to learn about forces and motion in Launch Pad and discover how aircraft are built in Flight Lab. The Wellcome Wing allows visitors to morph their faces to look older or younger, manipulate their voices and create digital music, or be sucked into the 3D world of the stunning IMAX cinema. The scientific questions of the day are hotly debated in Antenna.

The Science Museum is a celebration of modern technology and is now geared more towards children. Most of the areas help and guide visitors to the exhibits through interactivity.

Due to the interactive nature of certain exhibits there is no doubt it will become an interesting learning experience for the children and the grown up alike. It even boasts its own IMAX cinema, which is state of the art and will truly immerse you in the mind-blowing movies they have on offer.

There are 7 levels filled with amazing and engaging exhibits to explore. If you have the time, go down there and enjoy what the museum has to offer. If you enjoy visiting museums The Natural History Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum are both only a short walk away