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Pollock's Toy Museum

1 Scala Street, London, W1T 2HL. Tel : +44(0) 20 7636 3452

Pollocks Toy Museum takes its name from Benjamin Pollock, the last of the Victorian Toy Theatre printers. Set up by Marguerite Fawdry who bought up the stock of Benjamin Pollock Ltd., after trying to buy one small item for her son’s toy theatre. Originally at Monmouth Street, near Covent Garden, the present museum has been at Scala Street since 1969.

Nearly every kind of toy imaginable turns up here from all over the world and from all different time perods. It’s a fascinating exhibition of toy theatres, teddy bears, wax and china dolls, board games, optical toys, folk toys, nursery furniture, mechanical toys and doll’s houses.

The Pollock's Toy Museum's history dates way back in to the mid 1800. A young man by the name Benjamin Pollock’s was married to Eliza Redington and inherited her fathers business when he (John Redington) died. The business he inherited was namely a "Theatrical Print Warehouse"

He was well known for his diligence as he never entrusted anyone else to do his work throughout the 60 years he ran the business and when he died in 1937 it was his daughters Louise and Selina who were involved in carrying on from where their father left off.

Since his death the place was run by many parties despite many difficulties that brought it to the verge of closure. In 1955 Marguerite Fawdry bought the collection of items and she revitalised the business.