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London Zoo

Outer Circle, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4RY. Tel : +44 (0)20 7722 3333

This is the best known of London's zoos and sanctuaries and also probably the easiest to visit as it's located in Regent's Park.

There is a wide range of animals and you don't need to feel guilty about seeing animals in captivity because London Zoo is in the the forefront of captive breeding and conservation programmes. This work is undertaken by the Institute of Zoology, the research arm of London Zoo.

Amongst the animals you can see are lions, tigers, bears, hippopotomuses, monkeys, apes, birds of prey, parrots, giraffes, gazelles, reptiles, waterbirds, owls and many many more. There is also a Children's Zoo and Pet Care Centre.

While you are there, be sure to visit one of the latest and most exciting exhibitions, the Web of Life, which demonstrates biodiversity. Inside a specially designed building, they recreate some major habitats and the range of animals found in them.

It was first opened in 1828 as a Scientific Zoo that was the first of its kind in the whole world. It was in 1847 they opened the doors to the public and since then have been renowned for housing some of the rare species of animals on the face of the earth.

People from all over the world sent most of the animals at the zoo and some were gifts to the Royal Family. The zoo boasts many world firsts. It was the first to open a Reptile House, Public Aquarium, Insect House and the Children's Zoo.

It is a great place for kids as it is very enjoyable and informative and various events are planned just for them. These events aim to educate by involving various themes like the "Harry Potter".