Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Hyde Park, London, London, UK, W2 2UH .
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Build in the memory of Lady Diana in 1999, the unique Memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales was opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 6th July 2004. Surrounded by open landscape was had the intention to create an energy which radiates outwards while at the same time draws people towards it, reflecting the nature of Diana. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain proved to be extremelly popular among adults and children, just like the Princess herself. Due to the massive demand of interacting with the fountain, the latter had to be closed after only 16 days and re-opened on 20th August 2004 with extra staff being on hand to assist visitors. Since then the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain has continued to enchant visitors of all over the globe, while helping to maintain the memory of the unique, charming, lovely Princess...

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