Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London, London, UK, SW7 5BD .
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Natural History Museum is where you can learn about all forms of life which exist on the face of the earth now and which existed millions of years ago. There is an impressive collection of fossils and other material, which are of extra-terrestrial origin. It also houses life-size models of whales and T-rex's to name, a few which will embrace you in awe.

The Darvin Centre holds an impressive collection of zoological specimens, which is about 22million in number. Tours are conducted by the scientists who consider this their home where they carry out valuable research work. For all those who are fascinated by the wonders of life and various material that make up the world we live in it's a place not to be missed.

If you enjoy visiting museums The Science Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum are both only a short walk away

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