Jack the Ripper Walk

The Toynbee Hall, London, London, UK, E1 7NR .
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The story of Jack the Ripper was first known in the autumn of 1888 when a sirial killer was wandering around loose on the street of East End. He was first known as 'The Whitechapel Murderer' but this changed when a mysterious letter was sent to a London news agency. This incident made him known as ''Jack the Ripper,''which made him an international legend. The tour takes the participants around the actual murder sites covering the night of the 30th of September 1888 when the police came close to catching the ripper, and the night when The Ripper left his only clue behind. During the tour you will come across the site of ''Prostitute Island'' and the actual doorway on which it is said that Jack the Ripper might have scrawled a sinister message. So the tour consists of a captivating projection of a part of London that few people venture into, but you will be delighted that you discovered the facts and places that make the name Jack the Ripper so famous.

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