87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, UK, SW1X 7XL .
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Opened in 1849, Harrods is London's most exquisite store located in the Knightsbridge area, SW1. Harrods is visisted by hundreds of people daily offering the best quality merchandise on the market...it's been a major point of attraction especially for visitors coming from abroad. The story of the building begun in 1834 in London. The founder of Harrods was Charles Henry Harrod who opened a wholesale grocer in Stepney area, East London. It was in 1849 that Charles Harrod took over a small shop in the Knightsbridge area hiring 2 assistants in a single room. Harrod’s son Charles Digby extended the room into a cozy store selling among others expensive fragrances, cosmetics, as well as food expanding the employees to 100 by the year 1880. The misfortunate event of December 1883 that burnt down the store brought with it from the ashes a brand new store that very soon extended to the Harrods store that we can find today on Brompton Road having among his customers important names like Oscar Wilde, Lilly Langtry, Ellen Terry, Pierce Brosnan and many many others...

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