Benihana Restaurant

Benihana St. Paul’s is an exciting Japanese restaurant that offers its diners a totally new culinary experience. An ideal choice if you are the adventurous type!

Unlike other restaurants, Benihana St. Paul’s has no conventional kitchen – you will have your very own chef at each table, who will cook your meal in front of your eyes on traditional hibachi grill tables.
You can also expect to be thoroughly entertained as your meal is prepared – our chefs’ dynamic repertoires include egg juggling and lighting fiery onion-ring volcanoes! Main courses are prepared with your choice of meat, seafood, or vegetables, and are complemented by a range of soups and desserts. A full list of dishes is given on our current menu.

Book a table from £29.00
10 Godliman Street | London | EC4V 5AJ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7074 1000 | email

Cuisine Type


  • Lunch
  • Monday - Saturday 12:30 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Dinner
  • Sunday & BH 05:00 PM - 10:30 PM

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