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Top Cars - 2018 London Classic Car Show

  • What's On -13-Feb-2018

Classic Getaway Cars with Philip Glenister

This year, the London Classic Car Show will play host to a number of famous classic getaway cars in film and real life! Paying tribute to cars from the other side of the law, Ashes to Ashes star Philip Glenister will be hosting and sharing his knowledge of the best cars for… the ‘job’.

In this segment, feast your eyes on classics including the Ford Transit van, Jaguar Mk2 and Audi Quattro 82. All perfect for the job, you need room just as much as you need speed! 

Also see…

• Lotus Cortina Mk1
• Range Rover Overfinch 630R
• Mini Cooper S 
• Subaru Impreza
• Audi D2 58 
• BMW E34 M5
• Volvo P800

Grand Avenue - Our Top ‘Specials’

The show’s Grand Avenue will be showcasing sixty vehicles synonymous with being ‘special’. These cars each have a unique history and usually, impressive performance figures to have earned themselves their special name. Here are some of our top picks:

Lamborghini Miura P400 Jota

The 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 Jota was known as perhaps one of the most spectacular Lambos ever made.  When the already iconic Miura underwent modification by Chief Test driver Bob Wallace in his spare time, a similar, but different beast was born. He called it the Jota, and after much love and time spent on his project, he sadly had to sell it due to economic troubles. Sold to InterAuto in Brescia, a mechanic got a little too overconfident and crashed the car into the side of a bridge, causing it to set fire. This brought a lot of automotive press attention to Wallace’s creation, and many Miura fans enquired about having their own Jota editions; however the factory refused until today, when Lamborghini decided to build an exact replica.

Porsche Abarth Carrera GTL

In the 1960s, 20 beautiful Porsche Abarth Carrera GTLs were made. It took 25 years for Carlo Abarth to gain the utmost respect from Porsche to allow him to transform twenty Speedster chassis’ into the ultimate lightweight race cars reaching 140mph. Porsche were so impressed with Carlo’s work that some of the cars were fitted with one of three type 587 engines.

Ford Mustang Boss 302

It was 1968, Chevrolet were doing well - they had sold 7000 Z/28 Camaros in one year and this was predicted to rise to 20,000 the following period. The younger generation of the time appeared to crave bold, outlandish performance cars, and there was no Ford equivalent available.

Larry Shinoda, one of GM’s famous designers, joined Ford during this time and was asked to add his own creativity to a new Mustang model. This model would be showcasing a new high-performance version of Ford’s Windsor family 302 cubic inch V8. Larry didn’t disappoint. The new design was received very well, and even the best of muscle cars from this time couldn’t come close to replicating its low and wide stance. 

Alfa Romeo RL Targa Flora

The Alfa Romeo RL Targa Flora was developed as a racing version of the RL, weighing half as much and producing more power. This version of the car recorded many racing triumphs, including the 1923 Targa Florio, driven by Ugo Sivocci who famously painted a green cloverleaf symbol on a white background on the bonnet of his RL. After his win, the cloverleaf symbol was adopted by the Alfa Romeo team and used to this day as good luck on all its race cars!

Exhibitors & Areas

Special areas will be open to explore, including Car Club Square for - you guessed it - car club members’ cars, including Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, TVR Car Club, RS Owners Club and much more.

There will also be the favoured Autojumble section for all your classic car part needs, helping you to find that all important allusive part!

And of course, there will be a vast selection of motoring exhibitors to explore and get your wallets and purses twitching!

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