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10 Things to Do In London During The June Heatwave

  • Things To Do In London -26-Jun-2019

1. London Gelato Festival

On Saturday the 29th and Sunday 30th of June, London’s Gelato Festival returns at Canopy Market in King’s Cross for 2019. It couldn’t be more perfect timing as the weather is going to be perfect for ice cream. It’s a ticket-only event though, so if you don’t want to miss out get one while there’s still time!

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2. Visit Mayfield Lavender farm

This stunning purple paradise is open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm, located approximately 15 miles from central London, it’s breathtaking floral views are totally worth the trip. Enjoy the nursery and farm shop, as well as delicious food and drink.

Closest Grange Hotel - Grange Rochester

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3. Try out one of London’s Lidos

There’s nothing better on a boiling hot day than jumping into a cool swimming pool. London is full of Lidos, but there a few in particular that we would definitely recommend...

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4. Hire a Santander Cycle

You can hire bikes in London from as little as £2 a ride. It’s as simple as going to any docking station with your bank card, touching the screen and you’re ready to go… What a way to explore the city on a warm weekend! The cycles are located ALL over London, all you need to do is enter a postcode on their website to get started.

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5. Set sail down the canal in a floating hot tub

Heated by a wood-burning stove (although this weekend you might rather it wasn’t lit), Hot Tug is literally a floating hot tub. Their experience offers a 90-minute float down the canal in two locations in London. So grab 5 friends, some beers and get yourself down there for a unique boat experience.

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6. Visit the ‘prettiest pub in London’ in full bloom

Ever heard of The Churchill Arms? This beautiful Kensington pub is nothing like you’ve ever seen before; It’s floral exterior can be spotted from miles away. So, if you fancy a refreshing drink it’s definitely worth popping in for one, even if it is just for the photo.

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7. Explore London’s parks and have a picnic

With 111 parks and gardens in London, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to having a picnic. But even though we’re so spoilt for choice, it shouldn’t be too tricky to decide. You can check out here  the most perfect picnic spots in London.

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8. Attempt to escape Hampton Court Maze

The Hampton Court Palace maze is England’s oldest living hedge maze, dating back to around 1700s! On average, they say it takes around 20 minutes to reach the centre after searching through a third of an acre of land. Admission fees for the maze begin at £2.80 and they’re open all weekend!

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9. Take a walk around Kew Gardens

You can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to find your inner horticulture loving self from just £16.50 a visit. Not only are there gardens, but you can find shops, eating and drinking facilities too. So, if you’d like somewhere to spend the day outside in the sun exploring gardens for hours, it’s time to go to Kew!  

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10. Sunbath at a hidden beach in Ruislip

This artificial beachfront can be accessed via the Tube and is the perfect place for a sunbathe. It’s known to be a popular spot for families as there’s many things to do there; you can feed the birds and ducks, there are play areas for children and you can even fish ther! This is the perfect place for a family fun packed day!

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So, if you’re taking a last minute trip to the city this weekend take a look at our 13 hotels based all around London, you can save up to 15% discount using our summer escapes offer, we hope to see you soon.

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