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  • What's On -18-Aug-2016

Enjoy the Independent Daily Edition, featuring award-winning journalism, delivered directly to your device

Guests of Grange Hotels can exclusively download the app and read the edition for free while visiting or staying at our Grange Hotels.

We are delighted to offer all our guests complimentary access to the Independent Daily Edition, The Independent Newspaper’s online paper, packed full of articles from the best writers in Britain; content from the weekend supplements and interactive puzzles.

Traditionally, our guests were treated to copies of The Independent Newspaper delivered to their bedroom doors or handily distributed in lounge areas in all our hotels.  Now, with The Independent being an online newspaper, and us being avid Indy fans, the Independent is available, again, to our guests; this time in an impressive digital, easy-to-use format, via their app. 

This fantastic benefit, only available to read at Grange Hotels, allows you to keep up to date with the latest global headlines, analysis and opinion from The Independent’s award-winning columnists.  All for free.  If you would like to continue subscribing, once you have left the hotel, standard subscription fees will apply.

The Independent Daily Edition offers you quality news commentary, informed opinions on politics, business updates, finance issues with detailed coverage of national and world headlines, sports stories and incisive articles from an award-winning team of journalists. Download the app today and start to discover the future of newspapers.

•  Read the full range of The Independent’s content with simple navigation in an easy to use format

•  Save stories and articles offline so that you can enjoy them later, at a time when it suits you

•  Browse award-winning journalism, enjoy concise informative content on Culture, Tech and Lifestyle

•  Read comments on articles such as business and politics and share your own thoughts

•  Comprehensive global sports coverage and the latest football results

•  Connect to the guest wifi in any Grange hotel

•  Download the Independent Daily Edition app from the App Store or Google Play

•  Open the app. The front covers of the available editions will be displayed with a red button overlay saying ‘Download’, instead of ‘Buy’

•  Download and enjoy. The free subscription will be available while connected to any Grange Hotels wifi

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Subscriptions start from £2.99 per week, £31.99 per quarter or £149.99 per year for more information

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