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Staff Focus: Sarah Ermisch, House Manager

  • Staff Focus -29-Nov-2017

Name: Sarah Ermisch

Position: House Manager, Grange Blooms & Grange Whitehall Hotel

From: Germany

Favourite film: Casablanca

Favourite food/cuisine: Middle Eastern

Favourite thing to do in London:  Discovering hidden parks in North London

Sarah Ermisch is House Manager for our Grange Blooms and Whitehall Hotels and has been working with Grange since 2005. Central London enticed Sarah who sought a rewarding role with plenty of opportunity and progression - that’s where Grange came in! Day to day, Sarah’s responsibilities include responding to events queries, performing spot checks in the bedrooms and throughout the hotel departments, aiding with any guest queries and making sure their stay is exceeding expectations.  

Sarah’s Typical Day

A typical day at Grange for Sarah begins at 8.00am-8.30am. She starts by checking all departments to ensure they are fully staffed for the day, then moves on to the restaurant to help with breakfast if needed. Once breakfast is over, Sarah moves back to reception to work respond to events, conference and guest enquiries.

When lunchtime begins, Sarah checks the restaurant once again to ensure everything is running smoothly, particularly during busier periods. Her afternoon is then spent checking through the chefs’ orders, checking laundry, and helping out with reservation and conference emails if required.

Finally, Sarah ends her day at around 17:30 - 18:00pm performing floor checks of both Grange Blooms and Grange White Hall Hotels, once again making sure everything is in order. If there is an evening event, this is also monitored to check excellent standards are met. Sarah will greet organisers of larger events and stay until food is served.

Opportunities and Going Above & Beyond

Prior to being House Manager, Sarah first began working in Grange City Hotel as a Senior Receptionist. However Grange presented Sarah with the opportunity to expand her skill set and work within Reservations and Events at Grange White Hall Hotel. The opportunities opened up to her whilst working for Grange Hotels is something Sarah is very positive about.

When it comes to going above and beyond at Grange, Sarah believes it is the small things that matter:

“I think small gestures and attention to detail are what really matters. Whenever we know it is a guest’s birthday, we send them up pieces of cake with birthday wishes. In the past, we had a guest who informed us he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. We took some spare red roses from the lobby and decorated the room with rose petals. We also sent up a bottle of champagne to congratulate them.”


So what makes Grange special?  Sarah believes it’s all about the personal experience. Especially with Grange Hotels’ smaller locations, Sarah explains that it is easier to recognise returning customers and build great relationships. She also believes Grange’s wide portfolio of hotels is what makes us stand out, as it means a variety of budget and location requirements can be met.

Book a stay at our Grange White Hall Hotel or Grange Blooms Hotel soon and experience Sarah’s impeccable attention to detail for yourself!

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