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Staff Focus: Women of Grange Hotels

  • Staff Focus -07-Mar-2018

Name: Nisa Taheri

One unique fact about yourself: I can speak 4 languages

Where are you from? Iran

Your favourite film: Taken

Your favourite food/cuisine: Persian Cuisine

Their favourite thing to do in London: Dining and visiting Museum and Art Galleries


Nisa is a Sales Manager at Grange St Paul's and is committed to providing a 5 star experience to our guests. She is responsible for driving the coaching and development of the sales team and supporting the hotel's Directors in developing new ideas and services. She also tackles the acquisition of new business and daily management of the sales team.

Nisa is a problem solver who can turn any obstacle into an advantage. She believes that by understanding and analysing the task at hand and hearing all sides of the story it is easier to solve and overcome any difficult situation.

One such challenge was handling a filming enquiry last year. Grange St Paul's is a popular shooting location, but this was Nisa's first time handling US laws and legalities. With clients like MGM and Paramount Studios, everything had to be accurate and delivered on time.

"Despite it all, I remained calm and confident when dealing with the client’s anxieties to make sure they felt comfortable and at ease with their upcoming event. In the end the event was very successful from start to finish."

Nisa is also a proud mother of two beautiful children and a loving wife. 

Working with Grange Hotels (Nisa Taheri)

"Grange is unique in many ways. Having the accessibility and efficiency in approaching the Board of Directors allows me to provide quick solutions and saves a lot of time, unlike having to go through layers of management, which is the case with many other companies."

"It’s nice to be able to ask a question or give a suggestion at any time of the day, and without hassle. My ideas may not always get implemented, but at least I’m being heard. This is very important in the hospitality sector in delivering results and to ensure client satisfaction at all times."

"Corporations can learn a lot from the hotel business and hospitality spirit: how well they put those teachings into practice will be key to their company’s future success."


Name: Duru Daryanani

One unique fact about yourself: Always happy and calm

Where are you from? Mumbai India (ethnic origin)

Your favourite film: Titanic

Your favourite food/cuisine: Sushi - Sashimi /Japanese + Indian

Their favourite thing to do in London: Theatre and Music

Duru is one of our Sales Executives here at Grange Hotels. She helps promote Grange Hotels as a venue for conference, events, meetings, training and dining events. Duru is responsible for responding to sales enquires for business events and managing the expectations of those clients.

She believes that the trick to an outstanding stay is in anticipating the client’s needs before they even arrive, and delivering the personal touch.

"It's important to get to know the regular guests by their names. And always being available to deal with any issues they may experience on check-in to ensure their stay is more than just ‘comfortable’ by exceeding their expectations every time."

Her dedication to exceeding client expectations paid dividends in one memorable encounter:

"One client wanted to host a charity dinner for 300 guests, which was not possible at the Wren and Shakespeare suite they wanted. They were extremely disappointed."

"However I personally agreed to meet the client and did a personal tour of the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel with them, convincing them it would be just as wonderful to hold the event there. I also assured them I would oversee the event till the very end. Satisfied, the dinner was a fabulous event and the client was extremely happy."

Working at Grange Hotels (Duru Daryanani)

Duru is a dedicated and committed member of the Sales team, who believes that a 5 star experience is all about the people. Attention to detail, eye contact and a winning smile while delivering outstanding service is what it takes.

"My career with Grange has been both challenging and rewarding, yet I still have a desire to face new challenges every day, with greater responsibility that will allow me to demonstrate my full potential. In return I can offer dedication, integrity and a vast amount of experience I feel I have attained so far so that I may continue to strive for excellence in all areas of my life and career."

We’re so proud to have such expert and powerful women in our team!

If you're looking to host an event in London, get in touch with our Sales Team today. Our extensive range of 4- and 5-star hotels are home to a variety of events spaces that are ideal for any occasion.

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