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Staff Focus - Nazoomi Azhar - GM, Grange St. Paul’s

  • Staff Focus -23-Apr-2018

Nazoomi, Grange Hotels & Charity

With his passion and sheer determination, Nazoomi began working his way up throughout Grange Hotels in 2013, working in almost every department within the chain. Thanks to his vast experience working in a variety of roles throughout the years, Nazoomi was promoted to General Manager of Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in 2014. A perfect candidate; he has a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed and develop in different areas of the hotels. Because of this, Nazoomi has what it takes to lead and inspire teams, day in, day out.


As well as working as General Manager for Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, Nazoomi is something of a philanthropist. As a representative of the Indian Ocean Disaster Relief, Nazoomi has worked to support children and families in Sri Lanka affected by the 2004 Tsunami as well as the Sri Lankan Civil War. With his giving nature, Nazoomi wants to instil the same morals in his two children. He has been known to request parents of his sons’ friends to donate presents to charity rather than give his children presents they do not need.  

Furthermore, Nazoomi is also the SOS Kit Aid Ambassador to Sri Lanka rugby, of which he organises and manages the distribution of sports goods to less privileged schools and children in rural areas who love the sport.

On the right - an example of Nazoomi’s charity work in the press:

Nazoomi’s Role at Grange St. Paul’s

A typical day for Nazoomi involves overseeing the day to day operations of Grange St Paul’s Hotel, working with department heads to ensure compliance and  5 star service is maintained at all times. As well as this, Nazoomi consistently works hard to ensure targets are met and key decisions are made punctually. 

Of course, Nazoomi reiterates that nothing he does could be possible without the Grange St. Paul’s team alongside him, evident in this quote from Nazoomi himself:

“I strive to look after my staff, empower and motivate them, provide them with the right support and coaching to excel and be the best they can be. I have been fortunate enough to build a strong and motivated management team who pride themselves in delivering excellent customer service which equals content and happy guests.”

Going Above and Beyond

So what makes Grange St. Paul’s stand out from other 5 star hotels? Nazoomi swears by always striving to exceed expectations with exceptional service. After all, it’s the little things that make all the difference. He also stresses that being open to suggestions is vital to consistently achieving excellence, along with loyalty, professionalism and honesty.

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