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Meet Alea Pinar Du Pre - Contemporary Artist

  • What's On -28-Mar-2018

Introducing Alea Pinar Du Pre

Meet Alea Pinar Du Pre, an Austrian/Turkish contemporary artist known for her impactful ‘Jugenstil Pop-Art’ style mixed media collages. Bold, bright and captivating to look at, her artwork is currently hanging in our Grange St Paul’s Carter Lane Gallery should you wish to get up close and personal with them!

Growing up in Austria, Alea spent much of her childhood painting. At 13 years old she even invented her own oil colour printing techniques. Alea later rebooted her life in Istanbul where she had her own marketing agency; however, she gave it up to pursue her love of creating these fabulous pieces.

Reality isn’t what it’s cracked up to be?

Alea’s art reflects her curiosity with quantum physics - the nature of reality, exploring whether reality is indeed what it appears to be.  Her art questions the nature of our existence and explores how everything in our reality is connected, merged in one totality.

Working with 500 patterns, Alea uses the same patterns to relate the similarities of us all. Her art is meant to show how we are all a reflection of each other, we are all energy - at a molecular level all things are equal. As one totality we are all connected just like the universe, there is no end to our bodies and no start.

The layering of material in her artwork represents further aspects of the layered reality she wishes to portray. In addition to layered ‘old media’, she also uses ‘synthetic’ digital art to represent the synthetic reality we perceive in our daily lives.

Every one of Alea’s pieces has been created to encourage those viewing it to look beyond the canvas and explore the metaphor and the bigger picture.

“My endless questioning of the nature of our existence stems from an insatiable curiosity and an unfathomable love for truth. I believe in the sacredness of the human experience. Art is a canvas to mutate my curiosity into a form I can share – to transfer scientific curiosity into pictures - to give form to the formless.”

What’s next for Alea?

Alea’s dream is to have a few people who love her art to become collectors of her work. The interest is already buzzing in our Carter Lane Gallery with her work drawing people in to know more. We’re more than positive her dream will become a reality soon.

Find out more about Alea Pinar Du Pre.

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