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Hotpod Yoga: Join the City Centre Sensation

  • Fitness -13-Sep-2016

Hotpod Yoga, set to become the city’s next biggest trend, is due to take London workers by storm this week. As the most efficient and effective solution to destress and reenergize, these 20-minute power classes are designed to take you away from your desk and help you relax and destress during your working day. The group’s latest pod is taking residence in the centre of London at One New Change, just a short walk from Grange St. Paul’s Hotel.


Tucked away, the bubble like structure has an unusual allure and the entrance into dimly lit surrounds allows you to leave your phone, emails and troubles behind, just for 20 minutes. With the pod set at 37 degrees, helping warm your muscles, the lighting low and aromas enlivening your senses, Hotpod Yoga lets you lose yourself, within the heart of our hectic city. The session is uniquely designed to let time stretch ahead as you not only condition the body to be stronger but also revitalise and energise the mind.


The Hotpod Yoga team have thought of everything, from building the most effective class to creating a schedule which works around almost every person’s typical day. Partnering with the Grange Hotels to ensure that clients are well looked after, the stunning Ajala Spa is open for use to shower and refresh, getting you back into the office looking relaxed and ready to go again. 


The 5-star Grange St. Paul’s Hotel have got further treats lined up for visitors. Linked to London’s latest, blow-dry bar, recently listed in Vogue’s Salon Season, the team at Style & Blow are ready to make sure you feel pampered and preened to perfection after your session, offering 20% off for all Hotpod Yoga customers. The experience of looking and feeling fabulous fast has never been so easy.

Tackling real life issues head on, to combat the rising problem of increasing stress levels across the city, Hotpod Yoga really have produced a one stop solution to make you feel good inside and out.

Hotpod Yoga is available from Monday 12th September – Monday 25th September. Classes can be booked in advance here. Sessions last 20 minutes with the exception of the Daily Unwinder in the evening which is an hour long (18:30-19:30). Maximum class sizes are 20 people per session.  For further information on Ajala Spa or to book in at Style & Blow, please visit the websites.

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