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Happy Mother's Day

  • Staff Focus -25-Mar-2017

What would we do without our mums? We cannot thank them enough for the time, effort and the sleepless night they have spent on us for every grazed knee, clean school uniform, hot meals and much needed hugs. Mums definitely deserve a day of recognition, whilst chocolates and flowers are the standard things, we’d like to delve a little deeper into what it means to be a mum.


Unconditional love. Baby Theo was born 11 weeks early with undiagnosed Downs Syndrome.  I couldn’t hold him for days and for months he was in an incubator. All very traumatic. BUT: despite our beginnings, the love I have for my son has taken me higher than our circumstances.  Every single day I am grateful he is here and happy and healthy.  I suppose I view the world with less presumption so that even the little things, like a chuckle or bath time feel pretty special.  So – gratitude and a love simply like no other.

- Claire, Partnership Manager at Grange Hotel, blogger of Mum on a Different Path, which is soon to be published in the Mums and Babies Magazine

Nothing else can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood allows, motherhood has taught me to be tolerant, observant and every day is a new challenge. There is no manual or guide book to battle these challenges, but saying that I would never change anything but be a mother.

- Noreen, Sales Administrator

Being a mother has taught me to love unconditionally. Your children put so much trust in you which means you cannot deceive them. Watching your children grow and developing their own personality cannot make you any of a prouder mum and I dare say ''I am such a proud mum''. Though it is a full time job but it is so rewarding!

- Cristelle, Ajala Spa Manager at Grange Hotels


Being a mum has taught me how to love unconditionally and re-live my childhood through my beautiful daughter. Only a mother would know the joys of feeding your child with your hands and laugh hysterically at the things they do. Motherhood also taught my discipline and patience.  

There are moments where you question yourself as a working mum – whether you are doing everything you could for your child. It has also made me appreciate what my mum did for me and how difficult it was for her to make me the independent woman I am today.

I look at my beautiful daughter and it fills me with pride and joy at how she’s growing up every day – it motivates me to after even bigger and better dreams because as a mum, I only want the best for my little princess. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

- Nity, Senior Business Development Manager for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events

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