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What’s On: Buckingham Palace Tour - Summer 2018

  • What's On -02-Aug-2018

21 July - 30 September 2018

Have you ever wanted a sneak peek through Buckingham Palace’s doors? Now you can! This summer, the Queen’s London residence is opening up its doors for guests to explore its lavish state rooms until the 30th September.

Unless you’ve witnessed the Palace’s beauty before, it’s hard to comprehend the splendour and sheer, exquisite detail throughout. Exuding resplendence from every angle, you’ll be blown away by the opulent décor and breathtaking, sprawling grounds.

You’ll explore the Palace’s State Rooms and some of the Royal Collection's greatest treasures, including:

The White Drawing Room

The White Drawing Room is known for being one of the grandest, most breathtaking rooms within Buckingham Palace. It serves as a royal reception room for the Queen and members of the Royal Family to come together before official occasions.  In addition to the fine English and French furniture, you’ll spot ornate treasures dotted around the room including the marble statue ‘Sappho’ by William Theed, the ‘Vase ferré’ - Sèvres soft paste porcelain vases and many delicate candelabra.  

The Throne Room

One of the grandest rooms in the Palace is by far the Throne Room. This is where you’ll see the Queen and Prince Philip’s Chairs of Estate, Queen Victoria’s throne and the dramatic, luxurious décor. You can almost imagine the Queen and Prince Philip sitting right in front of you.

The Picture Gallery

The picture gallery is home to a number of the greatest paintings in the Royal Collection.  As the Queen lends paintings to exhibitions across the UK and abroad, the paintings change fairly frequently. However, presently you are likely to see 17th century works from Italian, Dutch and Flemish artists.

The Ballroom

The colossal ballroom’s vastness is astounding to witness. As one of the largest State Rooms, the ballroom was completed during Queen Victoria’s reign in 1855. The beautiful room is used for official events including State Banquets and investitures. A selection of statues surrounds the arch where the two thrones sit under the canopy, including sphinxes and winged figures.

The Grand Staircase

In order to get to the State Rooms, first you must climb the Grand Staircase. As you walk up the red carpeted stairs with twisting gold banisters, you’ll witness the stunning full length portraits of Queen Victoria’s immediate family. Look up and you’ll see the dome - made up of 40 panes of glass - this allows in natural light to brighten up the grand staircase. If you look close enough you’ll see angels etched into each of the panels.

Palace Garden (Daytime tours only)

If you opt for a tour in the day rather than the evening, you’ll also get to wander through the sprawling Palace gardens. Drink in the palatial garden views and finish your tour by unwinding in the Garden Café with a tea or coffee and gaze across the Palace Garden views.

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