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Best Picnic Spots Berkshire

Bar & Dining -03-Oct-2019

Picnics are a great way to get out into the fresh air and breathe in the season of autumn. When it comes to locations, there are so many hidden gems in Berkshire that are great for scenic days out. We've rounded up all the best picnic spots across the county to give you some inspiration for days out with your family and friends.

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Picnic spots Windsor

The Long Walk - Windsor Great Park

The Long Walk in Windsor is renowned for its picturesque path which runs all the way to Windsor Castle with symmetrical greenery either side. This might not be the most peaceful place to pitch up a picnic as it's usually fairly busy, but it's a good place to go if you'd like a refreshing walk too.

The Long Walk: 20 minutes from Grange Bracknell Hotel

Virginia Water - Windsor Great Park

Virginia Water Lake is also part of Windsor Great Park, located on the edge of Berkshire and Surrey. Virginia Water is a man-made lake that was originally created as a Royal pleasure ground, but is now a spectacular destination for all members of the public to enjoy.

You can make your way around the whole lake (a 4.5 mile walk), and on the way you'll find various quiet spots to pitch up your picnic, surrounded by scenic views of waterfalls, majestic statues, and beautiful nature.

Virginia Water: 20 minutes from Grange Bracknell Hotel

The Deer Park – Windsor Great Park

Another hidden gem in Windsor Great Park is the Deer Park. This spot is a truly unique one offering stunning views and enchanting nature. Enjoy all your favourite picnic treats next to wild British deer while you soak up the environment around you. Be careful though, they've been known to pinch a little lunch!

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The Deer Park: 20 minutes from Grange Bracknell Hotel

Picnic Spots Wokingham

Dinton Pastures Country Park

Dinton Pastures is located between Wokingham and Reading and is well known for its 335 acres of countryside, fishing lakes, and bird watching areas. This tranquil countryside park has stunning views and has many flat areas where you can settle into your picnic and enjoy the open air.

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Dinton Pastures: 19 minutes from Grange Bracknell Hotel

Picnic Spots Maidenhead

Ray Mill Island

Ray Mill Island is the perfect family picnic spot as it features some fantastic attractions for children. These include a guinea pig enclosure and an adventure play area suitable for children aged 3 and above. So, if you're looking for somewhere to keep the children occupied while you sit back and enjoy a picnic, Ray Mill Island is your ideal choice.

Ray Mill Island: 25 minutes from Grange Bracknell Hotel

Picnic Spots Newbury

Donnington Castle

This striking, 14th century castle is located in the west side of Berkshire near Newbury, and is a great place to visit for a day full of history. You can pitch up your picnic in one of the dedicated picnic areas close to the castle and enjoy stunning scenery while eating your lunch.

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Grange Bracknell Hotel

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