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10 Features Of The Best London Conference Venues

  • Venues -20-Feb-2019

10 Things All Corporate Event Venues Should Have

A successful corporate event or business conference needs more than high quality keynote speakers. If your delegates aren't comfortable and have their basic needs met, they are not going to be able to get the most out of your event.

If you are searching for a conference venue in London, you will be spoiled for choice. As a world leader in corporate enterprise, London plays host to hundreds of business conferences every year. But, not all corporate event venues will meet the needs of your conference. Here are 10 things that the best conference venues in London all share.

1. A great location

When choosing a business conference venue, location is key. You need to make sure that the event space is convenient for your delegates and situated in a location that best suits your needs. Sometimes these needs are logistical, but other times, the right location can give off the right feeling for your event.

A Shoreditch-based corporate event space will create a sense of highflying corporate success, while an event hosted in an art gallery will create an atmosphere of sophistication and intelligentsia. The right location sets the mood for your event and provides a framework for everything you have planned.

 The other thing you need to consider is logistics. Hosting an event in somewhere inaccessible to your audience will result in a poor turnout. An event at Niagra Falls sounds exotic and exciting, but there are no direct international connections to the airport. This adds an extra logistical wrinkle that your delegates have to deal with and could be the difference to them attending or not.

London is a great location for corporate events thanks to its many airport connections and public transport system. But, as a compact city, it faces another logistical problem: parking.

If your delegates are more likely to drive in than fly in, make sure your business conference venue has sufficient parking to accommodate everyone.

2. Expert and accommodating event staff

Staff can make or break an event. If you are thinking about booking a hotel or a similar location that isn't a dedicated events space, they may not have dedicated event staff. The best corporate events spaces have dedicated teams that are knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with.

They take much of the day-to-day burden off your shoulders and are able to provide the essential "boots on the ground" you need for an event to run smoothly. This includes management staff, catering crews, technical support and rigger crews to set up stages and events stands.

You may have to pay a little more for these services, but it will save you the trouble of sourcing and organising events staff yourself. You can rely on the experience and talent of a dedicated on-site events team.

4. Layout of conference rooms and exhibit spaces

You need to make sure that everyone has the space they need to move around the event space comfortably. If you're hosting seminars in several rooms, you need to make sure that your delegates can easily find their way around.

When you are considering the layout of your business conference, the main thing you need to think about is the number of delegates you expect to host and how they are going to use the events space.

Where are they sitting down? Is it wise to put refreshments near doors or choke points? The layout of your events space will be critical to answering these questions and effect how your event space will look and flow.

Great events venues have flexible layouts that can meet a variety of needs and styles depending on the event structure.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility ensures that everyone, especially those with special needs, can access the corporate event space and its amenities. Before you can answer this question, you’ll need to understand who your delegates are and what their needs are.

Once you know what the needs of your delegates are, you can add these considerations into the mix when choosing the perfect venue. This is particularly important when you are looking at older, listed buildings or outdoor spaces to host your event. They may have a great atmosphere, but lack fundamental accessibility for your delegates.

The best conference venues are able to accommodate for the needs of your delegates without compromising on other aspects, such as look and feel. Accessibility should be fundamental to any event space in today's society.

6. Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is becoming increasingly important to organisations and companies in 2019. Demonstrating a commitment to reducing emissions and single-use plastics helps organisations maintain a positive public image and often bleeds into the requirements for their event spaces.

To meet this need, the best business conference venues serve sustainable cuisine, are environmentally conscious throughout the property, and offer projects or programs for employees to help out in the community.

7. Flexibility in scheduling

In the world of corporate event spaces, securing bookings is highly competitive. As such, the best venues are able to be flexible with their schedules. This will help you plan your event well in advance, while being safe in the knowledge that you have some wiggle room in the event of an unforeseen change.

9. Technical support

Unless it’s a retreat to unplug and unwind, delegates and speakers at your corporate event will demand technical support. Primarily, this will be wifi. According to studies, 78% of event professionals agree that wifi availability and performance remains as one of the biggest nuances at their events.

The best business conference spaces have reliable wifi that delegates can connect to anywhere, anytime. The bandwidth is good enough to support everyone online at once, allowing your delegates to connect digitally and continue to pick up emails etc. while at your event.

In addition to wifi, the best corporate events spaces have on-site AV and lighting capabilities and dedicated IT support. So, whether it’s for a simple slideshow or an elaborate production or concert, your event has all the technical support it needs.

Grange Hotels London Conference Venues

Our luxurious Royal Suite and Executive Club Lounge can be set up for meetings or dinner functions, whilst a spectacular Sky Bar with conservatory, a modern Atrium and intimate nightclub venue are available to hire for informal events or private parties. PC and printing facilities are provided in our comfortable Business Centre.

Combining the highest quality meetings facilities with a wealth of history and local tradition, the Grange Hotels luxury portfolio offers an inspirational selection of events venues in London’s most desirable locations.

Purpose-built conference and banqueting suites flexibly accommodate functions from bespoke training days and formal AGMs to gala dinners and company parties, with capacities impressively ranging from 6 to over 1000 people. An array of bars, restaurants and private outdoor spaces can also cater for more informal occasions.

Superbly complemented by dedicated events executives offering discreet, attentive and personalised support, Grange Hotels’ exceptional 4* and 5* properties offer an unrivalled range of events and hospitality services to perfectly meet all your event requirements.

Find out more about our corporate event spaces or get in touch to book your event today.

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